#NephewSays and Other Lovelies

Apologies for the hiatus! Life was HAPPENING. And freelancing. Freelancing is still, thankfully, happening (who else will pay my taxes??), but I’m taking a break to share some irreplaceable memories and a big design rec (for those who want to play designer for a day! Like me!).


But first, the Nephew is 2. Wonderful 2. And surprising and delighting every week–mostly because I’m his aunty and don’t have to change diapers or soothe his tantrums regularly; also, because he comes out with these gems:

We’re playing trains and he stops, picks up his well-loved, crusted BFF, Wampa, makes Wampa’s hand wave at me, and says, “Hi, Aunty.” I’m glad I didn’t explode because he then put Wampa to bed on the computer chair and kissed him. “Goodnight, Wampa,” he softly sang. We played blocks and he counted each of them as they towered and eventually toppled. I’m pretty sure he’s a genius. But I’m biased.

Other wonderful things that have happened between this and the last post: I made a delicious turkey meatball tortellini soup and went on an energetic trip to Cleveland where the Grandma cackled her way through a Nora Roberts book all weekend and the Grandpa could not, for the life of him, find a pair of all white tennis shoes. We went to tea and admired quilts; we colored and crocheted and took naps while the PGA played on. And as I was getting on the elevator to leave, Grandpa waved and called, “Come back!”


92 and fabulous.

This weekend was Easter, so we got together. For Jesus. And ate a whole lot of cheesecake. Rosemarie Josephine was born. The wife and I swayed and sung along to Jukebox the Ghost and then Darlingside, having finally perfected the art of concert going after 7+ years and more than 100 concerts (hint: don’t go until a half hour after the doors and stop caring about “seeing”). We rejoiced with beef ramen and The West Wing (Jukebox) and turkey burgers and tater tots (Darlingside) at midnight.

Now, on to Canva. Joy recommended this to me a while ago and I’ve since been singing its praises to absolutely everyone. I recently used it to create an Instagram-themed email for Kitty Connection, “posting” pics of cats up for adoption.

The newsletter needed to be upgraded to a mobile-first design, anyhoo. Wasn’t the most cohesive piece, but I was having too much fun playing around with all of the fonts and colors. A great thing about it is that the specs are there from the outset: social media, poster, email–pick away! And if you know your colors (you can use the color picker on your browser or Photoshop), you can tailor the elements and illustrations to your heart’s content.

I made a new donations callout in a pinch:

make a gift

Like the gigantic cat? Scale plays no part in my love for these buddies.

I also made a creepy/sexy Facebook banner:

make a gift (1)

You know you want to.

And these were all FREE. For $1 each, you can choose even nicer templates.

Next time, I’ll take a moment to get everything in the same palette, but for a quick design email, it was easy peasy and oh so fun.

Last thing: I interviewed some super awesome students for work. The most inspiring: a boy who commutes 100 miles a day from New Hampshire to get his degree. Another boy quoted Warren Buffet:

“Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

I don’t know anything about Warren Buffet or business or, honestly, much of what these kids are learning in the trading room, but they are admirable. They are happy and grateful. And I love working with them.

Happy Spring, everyone! Go chase a bunny!


One thought on “#NephewSays and Other Lovelies

  1. You missed a prime opportunity to change “now” to “meow” in hat quote, but I’ll allow it for authenticity’s sake.


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