That Whole Love

Damn, I love Home Goods. I can spend hours in that store pondering the delicate balance of painted animals in print and porcelain around my house and wondering if this truly special addition of a golden kitten candle holder will fit into the tribe. Last month in the checkout line, that bazaar of random clocks and cups and Q-tip holders, I saw a mug that practically leaped off the shelf and into my cart (sometimes it happens; I’m a victim seeking help). It read:

I have given you my whole heart.

Instead of thinking, wow, I wish someone special felt that way about me, I thought, I need to do this. I need to accept my whole heart. Because, in the end, I complete myself. And no amount of done to-do lists, promotions, or burpees, no boyfriends, husbands, or babies or any life markers are going to do this for me.

How many of you have dragged your feet like I have on wholly loving yourself? Have let self-doubt keep you from the things you want, places you should go, ways to feel good about yourself? Rationally, you know you’re absolutely wonderful. Thoughtful, kind, and generous. Beautiful 360. You give and give to others over and over again but never give yourself the same courtesy.

Well, today. Give back. Do some yoga with Adriene, sit up straight, and say it with me:

I have given you my whole heart. 

And to all of the lovely people in my life who support me every day, you’ve had my heart for ages. So, here’s some pie.


Special thanks to the KTA, whose Wilco tattoo was the inspiration for the title of this post.

P.S. My dad asked me the other day, “Is there someone special in your life?” And without hesitation, I thought. Yeah. Me. #progress


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