That Yoga with Adriene

“Come down and feel fully supported.” Adriene, why did I wait so long to meet you?

Before the new year (calendar, not lunar; gung hay fat choy, everyone!) my good pal Jenny suggested I try Yoga with Adriene, a free 30-day program on YouTube. My other friend Joy (author of the delightful Frock Files) also raved, but I rarely heed thoughtful advice from the get-go and so a month later, here I am, refreshed and flexed out thanks to my first completely non-cheesy, easy-to-follow session with Ady (I need to nickname her like I need Hawaiian cookies in my life).

Reasons to try this program with me:

  1. She’s about mindfulness. That word’s been tossed around a lot lately as we go to sleep with our iPhones under our pillows. With Ady, it’s easy. She makes sense and reasonably asks you to shut off the phone and focus.
  2. You don’t need any prior yoga experience. Just get on a mat and do what comes naturally.
  3. The sessions range in time. Meaning, there’s no crazy countdown you feel compelled to cover with a towel because your body is killing itself to beat the goal. You can do that earlier in the day, then hang with Ady who’ll center your brain, too.
  4. I’m re-learning how to breathe. For a musician, I’ve become woefully out of tune with my body. I used to look at an object across the room, take a deep breath, and steadily try to blow the house down. I could count to twenty and keep going. Inhale and repeat. When I put away my yoga mat I saw old friend–my French horn. Baby steps all around this year. This is good start.
  5. It felt like going to a spa. No joke. I think the similarities are: this is time for myself, I’ve turned everything off, I’ve closed my eyes, and I now feel rested. And it was free.

Today’s mantra was “I accept.” I accept who I am. I’ve come here fully. I’ve let go to support myself. Interested? Watch the intro video:

It also helped that we had a snow day today. Picked up our book club pick, We Have Always Lived In the Castle by Shirley Jackson, did some freelancing, and watched Tomorrowland, Disney’s fun nod to Epcot and Walt’s motto that “dreamers need to stick together.” I heartily agree.


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