That Long Weekend Binge: Younger

“There’s no crying in publishing.” So says marketing director Diana “The Trout” Trout on TV Land’s Younger.

I love this woman. A pretentious, punny, insecure Cheshire Cat draped in the most giant jewelry and accessories since Marie Antoinette. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to Empirical Press with a centurion shield as a broach that moonlights as an umbrella.

Just one of the many reasons to binge this show if you have a few hours this weekend.

There are only 14 episodes so far (12 first season, 2 second) and YOU CAN FAST FORWARD THROUGH COMMERCIALS, making each about 20 minutes long.

Why else should you watch? (No huge spoilers you won’t see in the commercial!)

#1 Secrets secrets are no fun!

Secret secrets hurt someone. But are also fun when watching a 40-year-old woman pretend to be 26 in a fierce Manhattan publishing house, while navigating relationships with younger men and women. Ooh la la.

#2 Sutton Foster’s hot bod and crazy Forever XXI wardrobe.

If I look that good at 40, I’ll break out the gams, too!

#3 Trendy tunes, dude.

My parents think I’m pretty hip, but more than 10 years out of college I have no idea what the kids are listening to, watching, wearing, etc. I feel for Sutton! (Anyone else remember that “on fleek” conversation and how I thought it was a bird call for Bentley’s mascot?) And I feel younger just watching her.

Younger is on Wednesdays at 10 pm (too late for this grandma) and On Demand, right before this other show Teachers that I’m dying to start watching. I strongly support throwing chalk at unruly children, too.


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