That Thoughtful Playlist

Do you guys know Chuck? He’s my wife’s husband…

Worst day of my life. #jk

…not to mention a very dapper dude (just look up!) who’s always hilariously culturally on point (99% of what I know about my iPhone and the best ways to get lost in the internet is from him). He can lift enormous end tables with one hand. He’s a softy when it comes to babies and animals. He’s a dope bartender, composer, and guitarist*. And he’s someone who took the time to make me a get-up-and-go playlist. I was touched and wanted to share my favorite tracks.

Those Scottish accents…

Is there a song that totally makes your day? Share it in the comments!

*Chuck’s awesome band, Diablogato, just released their first album! Find them on Facebook, buy merch and listen to rad tunes, or pick a date and meet me at the next show. We can yell, “Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!” when they do the sound check. It’s fun and I don’t think he likes it.


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