That New Year’s Day

Today was a good day.

Last night I rang in the New Year with two of my favorite people over raspberry mojitos, gingerbread martinis, a lot of bread and olive oil and you do you‘s, and The Big Short. I learned more than I ever could have gleaned on my own about the ’08 market crash. And while I was rooting for the funny, savvy protagonists who’d predicted the bust and were aiming to cash in on the big banks, the victory was bittersweet because, as the film intended to convey, the everyday folks were the real victims. I also learned all about sub-prime mortgages as I embark on my own foray into real estate. Gulp.

Today, I dim summed with family, had a Kate Spade fashion show with friends  (that navy satin fit Trish like a glove), and laughed until I cried the best tears. Oh, and Sammy and I had a little photo shoot.

But the best thing I did? Reread some lines from two of my favorite authors; this first one is in my hands thanks to my lovely cousin.


Words to remember as the days progress and we take baby steps into 2016.








Thankful for you all and wishing you the best!


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