That Guster, by The KTA

About a week ago, I was supposed to see one of my most faaaaaavorite bands with some of my faaaaaaaavorite people, The KTA and Ian C. Anderson. If you don’t know, The KTA is a total boss at teaching literature and vital life lessons (like grammar!) to high schoolers, is a supurrb momma to Atticus […]

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That Long Weekend Binge: Younger

“There’s no crying in publishing.” So says marketing director Diana “The Trout” Trout on TV Land’s Younger. I love this woman. A pretentious, punny, insecure Cheshire Cat draped in the most giant jewelry and accessories since Marie Antoinette. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to Empirical Press with a centurion shield as a […]

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That Snappy Patty’s

Does anyone else think the past-tense of Tweet should be Twat? Just me? Anyway. Today Eddie Izzard Twat, “I do not want my heroes to die!” He was, of course, Twatting about the irreplaceable Alan Rickman. I mean, hi. Hello. Need I meme more? Anyway, it sucks. There are a lot of wheels spinning in my head […]

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That Starting Line

Four years ago today, I couldn’t sleep. The night before, Lisa, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I were frantically searching for a tutu in my size at the World of Disney after housing wings at what I can only remember as some sort of delicious fast food chicken factory. “They only have this one in extra […]

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That Thoughtful Playlist

Do you guys know Chuck? He’s my wife’s husband… Worst day of my life. #jk …not to mention a very dapper dude (just look up!) who’s always hilariously culturally on point (99% of what I know about my iPhone and the best ways to get lost in the internet is from him). He can lift enormous […]

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That Left Hook

What would you rather do than go to the gym? Watch wild bunnies fall for gently bred fur-ladies? Create your own Victorian wig? Go Back to the Future in 60 seconds? Yeah, me too. But I’m glad I threw down my phone and hit the boxing club tonight–that’s Sorabella Training Center in Waltham, Mass. Conditioning classes […]

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