That Night with Babs and Babies

Have you met my wife, Liz? Beautiful songstress, dedicated editorial manager, OCD cook with delicious results all around? This fall it was my honor to be her Maid of Honor.


So take this incredible creature and imagine how she came to be, the youngest of three sisters in a warm, musical, hilarious family I had the privilege of spending oh so many hours with this year planning flash mobs and tea parties and Disney princess showers. This magnificent clan invited me over for pasta, charades, and my first foray into gingerbread decorating.

The munchkin grandkids ran circles around us and the kitchen table and took turns singing along and dancing to Jingle Bells, while we continued Christmas celebrations and swooned over that scene in North and South when Richard Armitage pulls the flower out of his pocket and hovers, fascinated, over his love while she blathers on about finances.

It was my very first Kristin Day–and I’m still so touched. My wife made chocolate chip cookie cinnamon rolls (!) and her sweet sisters made some wonderful chicken pesto cream pasta casserole. Liz’s recipes for those doughy, delightful rolls:

Go carbs or go home.


We watched Sean Hayes lip sync Barbra Streisand and I laughed like nothing else mattered. It was like that moment the other day when I came upon that ice skating rink between Fugakyu and J.P. Licks. It wasn’t packed like Frog Pond, just a dad and his daughter on the ice in front of me. I forgot what was happening in real life and lost myself in something good.

Thank you endlessly, Liz and family.


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