Hello, old friend.

If you know me, you know it’s been rough going for the past month or so. Smiles are smacked in between tears, my heart has felt ripped and flattened too many times to count, and I’ve let go of myself.

So, obviously, I decided to start a blog.

Getting it out of the way, a pillar of my being toppled slowly and painfully the week of Thanksgiving. Then this great man passed away (below). And before I could even sing him to somewhere over the rainbow where trouble melts like lemon drops, my Uncle John, another great man, died, too. (Ohio State forever.)

To top it all off, I came home one day to find my Christmas tree in a toppled heap and then my phone decided to glitch and factory reset, deleting every happy memory from the past year. Oddly enough, that didn’t phase me. Like the scary movie trailers I used to turn off or tell Hulu to “set my account to under 17!” so I could avoid them during episodes of New Girl, I was now numb to that surface kind of loss and fear.

1012872_10100136664061292_565070499_nWalter Yee Hoey, 1928 – 2015, a legendary photographer

When I was telling a good friend about not wanting to go out on New Year’s Eve, because I’ve been, you know, crying at random in front of family and strangers, she said, “You’re depressed.” Ah, yes.

Hello, old friend. It’s been a while, but I do know how to kick you in the butt.

So, let’s do this together. Here’s the plan:

I’ve got an incredible group of friends who lift me up no matter how far down I’ve dug myself. I wouldn’t be typing this without them. Bonus: they’re ridiculously funny and cultured, and most are talented writers. I’ve tried to create a catch-all for our positive experiences. Things I’ll (hopefully–no, definitely) be doing here on Joy. Love. Grace.*

  • Sharing new experiences; think book, movie, and podcast recommendations
  • Sharing new recipes
  • Sharing personal accomplishments, like that Avengers Half Marathon in November or finishing The Book for those agents!
  • Sharing wonderful random happenstances, like tiny dogs in giant sweaters you meet on an elevator or bumper stickers that save your commute
  • Sharing posts of similar lovely things by friends (send me your positive posts pronto! Like that alliteration?)

Joy. Love. Grace. is going to be my virtual journal for 2016, because if I have another December like this one, I want to be able to look back and read about how spectacular life truly can be.

Thanks in advance for the boost. Please enjoy this cat video.


*The name Joy. Love. Grace. came from a recent spiritual event–YES, I went to church with my grandma in Ohio, which I don’t usually enjoy aside from hearing her laugh and sing and didn’t really enjoy this time aside from the Christmas carols, BUT this church now has mega-screens behind the altar (because Ohio church), and there were PowerPoint presentations of what looked like Jason Mantzoukas and Lizzy Caplan doing Christian stock photography with a naked baby in a cave. Which means Jason Mantzoukas and Lizzy Caplan lookalikes went to a cave with a baby, kidnapped its clothes, and hung out for a while to take pictures. Anyway, one of the lyrics in this Christian pop song we were supposed to sing along to, that sounded like a B side on the N’Sync Christmas album, was “love, grace, and joy”. And when I ignored the naked baby and the soft synthesizer, I thought, that sounds like a pretty nice way to live.



2 thoughts on “Hello, old friend.

  1. Fantastic idea, Kristen. I have a blog that I haven’t visited in quite sometime. I already decided it is now going to be where I keep my own journal of the good moments that appear to me, now matter how trivial they may be, because in the end, sometimes trivial is all we get, so I want to capture it all so I too can look back. In fact, I best get over there right now and start the ball rolling!


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