#NephewSays and Other Lovelies

Apologies for the hiatus! Life was HAPPENING. And freelancing. Freelancing is still, thankfully, happening (who else will pay my taxes??), but I’m taking a break to share some irreplaceable memories and a big design rec (for those who want to play designer for a day! Like me!). But first, the Nephew is 2. Wonderful 2. […]

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That Whole Love

Damn, I love Home Goods. I can spend hours in that store pondering the delicate balance of painted animals in print and porcelain around my house and wondering if this truly special addition of a golden kitten candle holder will fit into the tribe. Last month in the checkout line, that bazaar of random clocks […]

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Dance Magic Dance

The other day I remembered a younger me, standing in the basement of a house that was only breath away from being blown down by a weak wind. A bare bulb lit the scene of three twenty-something musicians crowded by twenty or so music enthusiasts desperately trying to really like what was coming out of […]

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That Yoga with Adriene

“Come down and feel fully supported.” Adriene, why did I wait so long to meet you? Before the new year (calendar, not lunar; gung hay fat choy, everyone!) my good pal Jenny suggested I try Yoga with Adriene, a free 30-day program on YouTube. My other friend Joy (author of the delightful Frock Files) also raved, but I […]

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That Darn Disney

Tonight I cut the bottom off of a red pepper and look who showed up. I also talked with a good friend on the commute home. She’s freelancing as a book editor and is in the midst of editing a steamy romance novel (or erotica; we debated the definition) and had to look up “c*ntcake” […]

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That Guster, by The KTA

About a week ago, I was supposed to see one of my most faaaaaavorite bands with some of my faaaaaaaavorite people, The KTA and Ian C. Anderson. If you don’t know, The KTA is a total boss at teaching literature and vital life lessons (like grammar!) to high schoolers, is a supurrb momma to Atticus […]

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That Long Weekend Binge: Younger

“There’s no crying in publishing.” So says marketing director Diana “The Trout” Trout on TV Land’s Younger. I love this woman. A pretentious, punny, insecure Cheshire Cat draped in the most giant jewelry and accessories since Marie Antoinette. I wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to Empirical Press with a centurion shield as a […]

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